Our Agency

Philosophy Statement

Founded in Idaho, Can-Do & Showers Insurance Agency, which is a merger of Showers and Can-Do Insurance, founded in 1980, is committed to providing its clients with superior service for all of their insurance needs while treating all people with respect and understanding. I guarantee you will be treated with professional service, which is courteous and private – Brad Showers, President.

We strive to exceed your expectations.

We believe that quality service is essential to the success of our agency. To preserve the prosperity of the agency and therefore the prosperity of our employees and our community, customer satisfaction is foremost in our consideration. To this end, we portray professionalism, dependability and integrity.
We consistently serve our customers with the utmost attention. We are courteous, respectful and understanding while working with new customers or servicing our current customers needs. Superior service attracts and retains clients.

We believe that employees who embrace teamwork, share responsibility and support each other provide the best customer service. We promote initiative and the free exchange of ideas.

We build strong relationships with our companies in order to effectively meet your needs.

We’re here to listen, evaluate, and then assist you with your insurance needs at the most affordable price.